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Caitlin always knew she wanted to be in a creative field of work. With a love for design and an eagerness to have her own business, it made sense for her to attain a business degree in college and go into a creative field from there. After taking an Intro to Marketing course in college, she knew Marketing was the right direction for her. 


In the summer leading into her senior year of college, Caitlin was hired as a Marketing Intern for Mathnasium of Redwood City - a math only learning center looking to expand their clientele after hitting a bit of a plateau. This position required social media management, advertisements, content creation, community outreach and event management. And in the first three months as the Marketing intern, Caitlin managed to double the clientele from 150 students to 300 students through her marketing efforts. Now going into the 3rd year and with a new title as Marketing Manager, Mathnasium of Redwood City is now the #1 ranked Mathnasium in North America. Working in this position led Caitlin to realize that by allowing small business owners to focus on business operations and having someone dedicated to marketing, small businesses can absolutely flourish.


Still working as the Marketing Manager of Mathnasium of Redwood City during her senior year, Caitlin was enrolled in a course taught by marketing maven, Andy Cunningham. In addition to an abundance of accolades, Andy is well-known for being Steve Job’s right-hand woman when he launched the Macintosh and Next. While in this class, Caitlin was able to work closely with Andy as she was deemed the Project Manager for the class’ team project. Nearing the end of class, Andy offered Caitlin a position at her positioning and branding agency, Cunningham Collective.


After graduating college in May of 2019, Caitlin began working at Cunningham Collective a week later. As an Analyst, Caitlin helped companies from large enterprises to emerging startups refine their positioning and brand strategy through market research, internal analysis and messaging. Later promoted to a Content Strategist, Caitlin’s current role, she manages content distribution, develops social media and advertisement strategies, and creates content and assets for clients in addition to the responsibilities of her Analyst role.


Caitlin is excited to apply her experience to small business marketing and design efforts to help small business owners thrive.


meet Caitlin!

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About Us


At Hustlin' Honeys, we’re passionate about helping brands find their creative voice. Founded in 2020, our one-stop Creative Marketing Agency aims to help our clients thrive in a changing digital world and leverage their unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success. We’re here to make your life easier —

come Thrive with the Hive.


Since she was young, Kylie had an eye for design and a creative spirit. Growing up she always had a love for the stage, and planned on majoring in Musical Theatre when she made it to college. Thankfully her dad advised her to look into different career paths, and so she discovered her love of advertising. It was the perfect meld of creativity and business, providing a way to use her imaginative brain in a boardroom one day.

Kylie chose Menlo College's cozy campus to complete her Marketing education, earning a B.S. in 2019. After taking numerous Marketing courses and dabbling in graphic design as a hobby, she was able to practice her craft as Director of Communications on Menlo College's Student Government Association. In this role she was able to design all of the marketing efforts sent out to students as well as refine her written communication skills.

During the summer before her final semester at Menlo, Kylie was hired as a Talent Acquisition at Firework, a video-focused social media startup based in Redwood City, California. She learned the art of cold emails and warm calls. In this role she signed the highest number of talents for the app for 2 consecutive months. After 7 months in this role she transitioned to a marketing-based role as Global Marketing Coordinator.  In typical startup fashion, this role encompassed many different duties including running social media, graphic design projects for multiple departments, light video editing, copywriting projects, and much more. She currently occupies a new hybrid role that takes from each of these positions as Talent Partner. Kylie continues to assist in a variety of marketing and design efforts for Firework as well as work closely with the app's talent.


Hustlin' Honeys is Kylie's first entrepreneurial endeavor, however her business and marketing knowledge from Menlo as well as her experience in a young startup have prepped her to transform your company in ways you'll never bee-lieve!  

meet Kylie!

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